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IUD Training

Training in the use of IUDs is available at srhwa.

It is expected that those who undertake insertions of IUDs in practice have excellent skills in:

  • helping patients to choose contraceptive methods
  • assessing whether patients are suitable to use IUDs
  • communication
  • pelvic examination

If you wish to undertake IUD training, but do not have the requisite skills, it is recommended to  complete training in these prior to undertaking clinical IUD training. Some may wish to do the Doctors Certificate course, or some sections of it.

For those with the necessary skills, the steps to take are outlined below.


Step 1: Theory workshop

Complete an IUD workshop. IUD workshops cover current information available about IUDs, both copper and hormonal, insertion techniques, and how to manage problems. They also include practice insertions (in pelvic models).

The workshops are approved for QI points:

RACGP:  40 RACGP Category 1 points


To obtain points, all components of the theory workshop must be completed:

  • pre-reading
  • a predisposing activity
  • attendance at the workshop (latecomers will not receive points or certificate)
  • post workshop activity

Those who do not complete all requirements may apply for points through an individual learning plan on the RACGP website.

The workshop is partially sponsored by Bayer and is offered at a heavily subsidized cost of $80.00 to participants. It is usually held in the lecture theatre at srhwa, but if at least 5 GPs request a workshop elsewhere, this can often be arranged.

To register for the 2016 workshops please Click Here

To enquire about future IUD workshops, please contact  Sonya Arcidiacono


Step 2: Application for IUD clinics

Application forms are available both at the IUD theory workshop, or by contacting  Sonya Arcidiacono or the Medical Educator, Dr Alison Creagh.

If an applicant does not have the requisite skills, the Medical Educator may make suggestions for suitable further training prior to IUD clinical training.


Step 3: Clinical

After approval for training, those new to IUD insertions book and pay for three supervised 3.5 hour IUD training clinics ($85 per clinic) located at SHQ in Northbridge. Sometimes, extra clinics are needed, depending on the patient mix seen and the participant’s skills.

An alternative to doing IUD clinics at SHQ is to book an SHQ preceptor to come to your own practice. The fee for this is $130 per hour of supervision and travel time, plus $1 per km of travel.

During the clinics, trainees are expected to acquire competence in IUD discussions, IUD insertions and in managing IUD related problems. At least 5 competent insertions are needed, which usually means performing (with assistance) 7-10 insertions. If all competencies are met, then a certificate is provided.


Recognition of prior learning:

If any of the above have been completed recently elsewhere, please send an email, with copies of any relevant certificates, to the Medical Educator  for consideration.


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