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Current Courses and Workshops

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FPAA Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health for Medical Practitioners

This national certificate course covers the range of the sexual and reproductive health issues that are common in general practice. It is useful for GP Registrars, O&G trainees, and experienced general practitioners who wish to refresh their knowledge in the area. The theory component is run over a week, although participants can choose to attend individual days if they wish to. The clinical component is seven sessions of 3.5 hours each.

IUD Training

Theory workshops are held regularly throughout the year.

To register for the IUD training, please complete the online registration.

Those wishing to insert IUDs in practice will also require supervised clinical practice – normally this is three to four sessions of 3.5 hours each.

Cervical Screening

Cervical Screening eLearning Course now available online and is being offered for free by SHQ. Please click the button to create a login for yourself, then use the enrolment code ‘shq’ to access the course.

External Clinical Supervision

Supervised IUD clinics are available at SHQ, or in your own practice, for a fee.  Current fees for  supervision in your own workplace are $130 per hour of supervision and travel time, plus $1 per kilometre of travel.

Clinical Update Session

These short early evening sessions are aimed to provide a very focused update on specific sexual and reproductive health issues.  Click Here to find the current scheduled sessions in the Calendar.

If you would like to suggest a specific topic, please email Dr Alison Creagh

Implanon Training

Implanon training and education is currently under review.  It is proposed that theoretical training will be accessible online in January 2018. SHQ intends to offer practical training throughout 2018 and will update this section as dates become available.

For further information please call Implanon NXT on 1800 230 330 or State Rep Jade Kendall on 0413 124 372 to arrange theory training.

External Clinical Preceptors

If you are an experienced sexual and reproductive health doctor, you may be eligible to be approved as an external preceptor for doctors undertaking the clinical training component of the Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health or IUD training. Please click on the heading, read the information sheet, and complete the application form if you wish to apply.


Course Booking, Fees and Refund Policy

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