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Current High Demand for IUD Insertions at SHQ

Due to a high demand for IUD insertions at SHQ, you may experience a longer wait time than usual for an appointment. SHQ encourages you to call the Sexual Health Helpline on 9227 6178 and ask the nurse for information on GP’s who may provide you with this service.

Note to GP's

SHQ is not funded to insert Intrauterine Systems (mirena) for heavy menstrual bleeding. Women with heavy menstrual bleeding should be investigated according to the following guidelines and referred to a gynaecologist if further treatment is necessary.

SHQ offers appointments for intrauterine device (IUD) insertions. We offer insertion services for both copper and hormonal (Mirena®) IUDs.

We recommend all patients have a pre-IUD discussion prior to the appointment in order to screen for appropriate patients. We can do this, but there can sometimes be delays in getting this type of appointment.

To assist patients to access IUD insertions more quickly, GPs are invited to participate in the process by discussing IUDs with patients prior to insertion of the device at SHQ. The following guide is a template for referral to SHQ. SHQ can provide an insertion appointment for the patient if the form is completed and faxed/ emailed to us. Contact details are provided at the end of the document.
CLick to Download IUD Referral Form

GPs referring directly for IUD insertion should be familiar with the procedure/ risks/ benefits and both copper and hormonal devices. If the GP is not confident in discussing these issues with the patient, the patient can be advised to come to our clinic for an IUD discussion.

Most women are suitable for an IUD, including young women and nulliparous women.

IUDs are contra-indicated in the following circumstances:

  • Current Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or STI
  • Known or suspected significant distortion of the uterine cavity.
  • Current or past history of breast cancer (for those considering the hormonal-IUD)
  • Vaginal delivery < 4 weeks prior, or Caesarean delivery < 12 weeks prior
  • Unexplained or uninvestigated abnormal vaginal bleeding. If a patient has abnormal bleeding, please follow the guidelines Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding In Pre- And Peri-Menopausal Women, found at: SHQ will insert IUS (mirena devices) for contraceptive purposes only. Women with heavy menstrual bleeding need to be investigated and referred to a gynaecologist if further treatment is necessary.

If the patient requires a copper IUD for emergency contraception within 5 days of unprotected sexual intercourse, please contact SHH for an urgent appointment on 9227 6178.


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