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Help! I Think I’m Pregnant (Pamphlets)
  • 1 bundle contains 50 pamphlets.
  • This DL pamphlet outlines the choices surrounding pregnancy. Detailed sections on keeping the child, adoption and abortion can help aid in the decision-making process. Ideal for counselling sessions and referral services. Old FPWA branding.
  • For a bundle of mixed pamphlets or information sheets, please specify in Order Notes section at Checkout or email the Resource Centre.
  • Up to 50 free SHQ “Our Services” pamphlets are available to organisations. If you require these, please specify in the Order Notes section at Checkout, or complete the Pamphlet Order Form and email it to the Resource Centre. This order form can also be used by organisations who wish to be invoiced for pamphlets.
  • For free Multicultural Resources, please use the Multicultural Order Form here
  • Price includes GST.
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SHQ offers a range of professional services including testing and treatment of STIs, contraception information and supply, unplanned pregnancy, Pap smears, STI drop-in clinics and counselling.