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SHQ and WAAC are proud to launch EmbraceU, an online resource about sexual health for the trans, gender diverse and non-binary community. A strong focus of this project was around ensuring the resources were made for the community, by the community. This was only achieved through the ongoing support of TransFolk of WA, passionate community members, health professionals and organisations, and with the sponsorship of the Western Australian Department of Health. You can read more about our journey here!

We all deserve access to accurate health information and education, and we all deserve quality healthcare. Sadly, many people who are transgender, gender diverse or non-binary experience poor treatment by some health professionals, and receive sex ed that may be cisnormative, assumptive, or even non-existent.

Let’s try to change that! EmbraceU has tools to increase your understanding of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and blood-borne viruses (BBVs), such as:

  • A sexual safety quiz
  • An inclusive brochure about STIs and BBVs
  • A trans, gender diverse and non-binary friendly video covering sexual health testing
  • A letter template to bring to an appointment
  • Tips on how to make your practice more inclusive
  • A language guide on terms you might encounter
  • Printed resources to order for your practice

These have been made with the hope that they can be used by both community and health professionals alike. To view and download these resources (and more):

Visit the EmbraceU website

Now that the website is finished, we won’t stop here! If you are trans, gender diverse or non-binary, or you are a health or community professional (or both!), we want to hear your feedback on EmbraceU. Please complete one of our surveys:

Trans, gender diverse and non-binary consumers survey

Health and community professionals survey