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February 14th is National Condom Day!

What comes to mind when you hear the date February 14th? Is it Valentine’s Day? At SHQ – we think of condoms. Not just because we know some people will get lucky 😉 but because February 14th is National Condom Day! National Condom Day is a time to celebrate sexual health and wellness whilst raising awareness of healthy relationships, safe and consensual sex.

To support this, this year our theme is chat + check in.

Chat: Chat with your sexual partners about what you both would like to do, so all involved feel safe and respected in sex and relationships. Chatting about sex can be exciting – it’s not an interruption to sex either!

Check In: No one is a mind reader! Check in with your partner/s and ask them how they’re feeling, and if they’re liking what is happening during sex. Don’t make assumptions. Checking in with each other can make for more pleasurable sex.

Feeling safe is also about wearing condoms and negotiating about safer sex. There are many good reasons to wear a condom – they can prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections and can prevent unintended pregnancies. There are different types of condoms too – sizes, textures, thicknesses, and even materials. This means that if someone is allergic to latex or doesn’t fit a condom well, there is always another option!

We have free downloadable material that anyone can use and free National Condom Day resources available to order for organisations in WA, but get in quick – stock is limited!  Resources include condom packs, stickers, and posters; all featuring the Chat + Check-In messaging.

Check out our National Condom Day 2022 page for links to resources and more information!

If you decide to join in don’t forget to tag us in posts with the hashtag #NationalCondomDay2022. If you’ve ordered any of our freebies for the day, show us where you’ve displayed them!

If you’re in Perth and you don’t know where to get free condoms for your own use, all you need to do is come and visit us on 70 Roe Street! We have our bowl of free condoms and dental dams, you are always welcome to visit us to pick some up.