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An update on Mycoplasma genitalium: an emerging cause of STIs

By : on : March 2, 2017 comments : (0)

There has recently been some media coverage on a little known organism called Mycoplasma genitalium as an emerging cause of STIs in women and men. We are still learning about this condition, and there is much research happening around Australia regarding its relevance and treatment. In women, M.genitalium is known to be associated with inflammatory […]

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Sexual health holiday checklist

By : on : December 21, 2015 comments : (0)

With the holiday season fast approaching, take a moment to check you’ve got everything ready to have a safe and fun time! Ensure you’re up to date with sexual health checks: if it’s been awhile since your last STI test, or if you’ve had unprotected sex in the past, visit a GP or sexual health […]

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Shining the Light on Cervical Cancer

By : on : November 25, 2015 comments : (0)

As part of National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, we want to ‘shine the light’ on cervical screening, most commonly known as Pap smears. Did you know that cervical cancer is one of the most preventable forms of cancer? That’s the good news! Research however, tells us that almost half of all eligible women in WA […]

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WA STIs, HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and Aboriginal STI and BBV strategies

By : on : September 8, 2015 comments : (0)

The Department of Health has endorsed the state STIs, HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and Aboriginal STI and BBV strategies, which work towards ambitious targets to prevent, test, treat, and minimise the personal and social impact of sexually transmitted infections and blood-borne viruses in our community.   Read more about the strategies at the Department […]

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Men’s Health Week drop-in clinics

By : on : June 8, 2015 comments : (0)

To celebrate Men’s Health Week, SHQ is offering drop-in clinics for men wanting to get tested for sexually transmissible infections (STIs). These clinics will operate on a first-come, first-served basis (it is advisable to get there early), with a special introductory cost of only $10. Male clinicians available Medicare card required Please don’t pass urine […]

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SHQ offers a range of professional services including testing and treatment of STIs, contraception information and supply, unplanned pregnancy, cervical screening, STI drop-in clinics and counselling.