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Counselling Information for Professionals

Unintended Pregnancy Counselling Training

SHQ offers a two-day, comprehensive Unintended Pregnancy Counselling Training course aimed at doctors, nurses, counsellors, social workers, teachers, school psychologists, chaplains, community health professionals and others who are often the first point of contact for someone facing an unintended pregnancy.

This experiential training presents a framework for responding to disclosures of unintended pregnancy, as well as providing non-directive pregnancy options counselling. The course also explores values, ethical issues and legal considerations.

We also offer a condensed version of this course in a half-day Introduction to Unintended Pregnancy Counselling Training workshop that is available to schools, mental health organisations and other service providers who are in contact with people who may face an unintended pregnancy. If you are interested in SHQ bringing this workshop to your agency, please click here for more information.

Both courses are funded by the Women and Newborn Health Service, North Metropolitan Health Service.

Telephone Support for Professionals

Responding to a person presenting with an unintended pregnancy can be challenging and complicated. If you would like some support or advice, please feel free to contact SHQ counselling, and you will be put in touch with one of our experienced counsellors.

Referring to SHQ Counselling

You can refer to SHQ counselling by contacting us on 9228 3693, or by asking your patient to contact us to make an appointment. We accept clients with and without referrals. If you refer to us directly, we will acknowledge your referral in writing.

While we run our appointments using a booking system, we have the capacity to see patients at short notice in crisis situations. As a provider of unintended pregnancy counselling, we recognise the need to provide appointment times promptly.

If you have any queries as to whether SHQ is a suitable service for your patient, please feel free to contact the Manager of Counselling to discuss.