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Working with Aboriginal People

SHQ works to promote respectful relationships and sexual health for Aboriginal people and communities through a range of capacity building strategies, including employment and development of Aboriginal staff and working in partnership with Aboriginal people and organisations.

We deliver a range of training courses and programs for Aboriginal professionals, community members and other professionals working with Aboriginal people.

SHQ Educators, including Aboriginal Educators, are available for delivery of sexual health education programs for Aboriginal young people and community groups.

Rural training:

Expression of interest forms to bring training to your region are available in the box to the right. Contact Robyn Wansbrough, Manager of Education and Training, on 08 9227 6177 for assistance in completing the form, or further discussion.

Mooditj Program




Mooditj Leader Training: click here to see scheduled courses. The discount application can be downloaded from the course page.

Regional Mooditj Leader Training expression of interest – download the expression of interest form.

STARS: click here to see scheduled courses.

Nuts and Bolts of Sexual Health: click here to see scheduled courses.

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Mooditj is a resilience, relationships and sexual health education program for young Aboriginal aged 10-14 years. It has been developed by SHQ in collaboration with Aboriginal people from across WA over the past 18 years. Young people who come along will know that their background is valued. The program uses storytelling and opportunities for discussion and learning from each other.

Mooditj is designed to be run by local community people working in pairs. At least one of the community leaders should be Aboriginal.

The Mooditj program has three parts:

  • Mooditj Me – helps young people grow their inner strengths and identity. They learn to safely deal with strong feelings and when to find help. It has 8 sessions, each 50 minutes.
  • Mooditj Mates – helps to develop their skills to grow solid friendships and relationships with other young people. They learn to express themselves and work their way through problems in safe and respectful ways. This also has 8 sessions, each 50 minutes.
  • Mooditj More than Mates. You can choose to include these puberty and basic sexual health information sessions from the original Mooditj program. These 5 sessions cut down on shame and can be taught in split groups.

Each part of the program can be run in many ways – e.g. 1 or 2 sessions a week, or over a few days in a holiday program or camp. The three parts can be run in blocks in different ways and times. You can make small changes to suit your group.

In the metro area, SHQ Educators can come and run a Mooditj program for young people in your community or school. Better still, come to Mooditj Leader Training and learn to run a Mooditj Program yourself! SHQ may be able to assist with resources and Educators to work alongside you while you build your confidence.

Mooditj Leader Training is a four-day course that builds the knowledge, skills and confidence to run Mooditj groups for young people. The training is interactive and fun. It is designed for Aboriginal community members or anyone who works with Aboriginal young people in their community.

Download the Mooditj program outline


STARS is a new course to help build knowledge, skills and confidence to Start Talking About Relationships and Sexual health with young Aboriginal people.

STARS is a two day introductory course for Aboriginal community members and others working with young Aboriginal people. It is suitable a wide range of workers and volunteers, such as health / SEWB / education / youth / family support workers, liaison officers, night patrol staff, etc.

The course is fun, we learn though group activities, and do our best to make it culturally safe. Course leaders include Aboriginal Educators.

Topics include:

  • Bodies and puberty
  • LGBTI young people and diversity
  • Starting the conversations
  • Supporting young people
  • Contraception, pregnancy and STIs
  • Consent, pleasure and effects of porn
  • Respectful relationships, sexting
  • Knowing our limits and when to refer

Please click here to see upcoming scheduled courses for STARS.


Nuts and Bolts develops the core knowledge, attitudes and skills required to have conversations, provide information and support for young people around respectful relationships and sexual health issues.

This course has been designed for youth workers and others in the youth sector. It is suitable for a wide range of people working with young people including Aboriginal health workers, AIEOs, SEWB workers and other mental health workers, AOD workers, peer educators and health promotion workers.

Nuts and Bolts is made up of one core day and two full day electives.

Day 1 Core – You and your role, sexual health, diversity and rights

Day 2 Elective – Bodies, pleasure and safety

Day 3 Elective – Contemporary sexuality: Respectful relationships, porn and the online world

Please click here to see upcoming scheduled courses for Nuts and Bolts.


For general enquiries and further information, please email Robyn Wansbrough, Manager of Education and Training. Alternatively, you can call on 9227 6177


SHQ offers a range of professional services including testing and treatment of STIs, contraception information and supply, unplanned pregnancy, cervical screening, STI drop-in clinics and counselling.