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My Year at SHQ

By : on : April 3, 2020 comments : (0)

My name is Jye Walker. I am an Aboriginal man from Queensland. Last year in April I was lucky enough to start at SHQ as an educator with the Youth Education and Aboriginal Education teams.

In my previous role, I ran lots of health education programs for young people, including Mooditj. Since starting at SHQ I have had tremendous opportunities to grow my knowledge and confidence as a sexual health educator. I still love working with young people, and it’s been great to get involved in training youth and community workers too. 

I’ve had the chance to travel to some of Australia’s most iconic country towns to deliver the great training courses we offer. The first course I was involved in running Nuts and Bolts in Port Hedland. I got to meet some of the most amazing people! The group was all women, which was both a highlight and a huge chance for learning for me.

One of the reasons I wanted to work at SHQ was the chance to be involved in expanding the Mooditj program. The old Mooditj program, about relationships and sexual health, was a huge success in my old role. I could really see the need for more social and emotional wellbeing content, so it’s been amazing to take part in developing these new sessions and testing them out with Aboriginal kids in Perth. Then we ran a whole new training course in Geraldton for 3 teams of people from regional WA, so that they could roll out the new program with young people in their communities. The training went really well, and we are super confident they will do an awesome job!

This year the Aboriginal Education team also developed a new 2-day training course for Aboriginal people and others working with young Aboriginal people called STARS (Start Talking About Relationships and Sexual health). The training was a huge success both in Perth and in Laverton. Laverton was a highlight for me, especially watching the men have in depth conversations about sensitive issues and coming up with solutions for their specific community.

My biggest challenge for the year has been transitioning from teaching young people to teaching adults. Working with adults can sometimes be harder, but the reward of knowing they will leave the training and help someone in need is very fulfilling.

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