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Clinic Pricing

Changes to SHQ Medicare Billing

As many of you know, SHQ commenced Medicare billing in January 2019. As a non-profit organisation, we are committed to keeping our pricing as low as possible. We are also committed to offering services covering all aspects of sexual health.

In order to allow us to expand the services we currently offer, we have decided to start charging a gap fee of $15. Priority groups, such as those aged under 25, and anyone with a Government concession or health care card, will continue to be bulk-billed (with their consent), or have no out of pocket expense for appointments. Unplanned pregnancy consultations will be bulk billed or will have no charge.

For everyone else, a gap fee of $15 will be charged, regardless of whether they see a doctor or a nurse. A doctor’s appointment will be billed in a similar way as a visit to the GP – clients will pay the cost of the Medicare item number/s, plus the $15 gap fee, and receive a rebate for the Medicare item/s only.

SHQ will continue to privately bill an insertion fee for certain procedures (eg IUD and Implanon insertion – a cost may also apply for the purchase of devices). For more information on IUD costs please visit the IUD Costs Page.

If you don’t have a Medicare card, you will be asked to pay a small fee to cover administration costs ($15). You may also be required to pay for any pathology costs (usually covered by Medicare). If you have a Medicare card but don’t want to use it, you will be asked to pay a private fee equal to the Medicare item number/s, plus the gap fee of $15.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please discuss this confidentially with your clinician. If you have any questions about our Medicare billing, or would like to discuss individual costs, please contact us on 9227 6177.

Fee estimates at SHQ

Please Note: Prices are subject to change

Consultations  – Concessional Fees

Anyone under 25 or with a Government concession or health care card will be bulk billed for general doctor appointments, and pay no out-of-pocket cost for reproductive and sexual health nurse consultations.

Consultations for unplanned pregnancy will be bulk billed, or incur no charge for clients without Medicare.

Consultations – General

A fee of $15 is charged in addition to the appropriate Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) fee for a general doctor consultation. Consultations with a reproductive and sexual health nurse will attract a $15 fee. The maximum out-of-pocket cost after the Medicare rebate is $15.

Table A




SHQ Price
Gap Fee

Consult Level A
<5 minutes




Consult Level B
5-20 minutes




Consult Level C
20-40 minutes




Consult Level D
>40 minutes




Pregnancy Test



Sexual and Reproductive Nurse Consultation



Procedural services – Concessional Fees

Procedures will be bulk billed for clients presenting a valid Government concession or health care card when bringing their own device/contraceptive to their appointment. If a device is purchased from SHQ, clients will pay the MBS fee only (no gap fee) for their consultation and procedure, as well as the cost of the device/contraceptive. They will then receive the full rebate for the MBS fee from Medicare, and only be out-of-pocket the cost of the device/contraceptive.

Procedural services – General

Please note that Intrauterine Device (IUD) and Implanon insertions occur over two appointments, whether on the same day or different days. The first appointment is a general consultation (fees apply as in Table A above). The second appointment, which will include the procedure, will incur the following costs (Table B).

Table B




SHQ Price
Gap Fee

IUD Insertion* 

Up to $195.20

Up to $120.20


Implanon Insertion*

Up to $139.70

Up to $104.70


Implanon Removal

Up to $161.40

Up to $126.40


Removal of non Implanon subcutaneous contraceptive implant such as Jadelle

Up to $203.90

Up to $168.90


*Prices do not include the cost of devices/contraceptives purchased through SHQ.


Device/Contraceptive costs at SHQ

Non-Medicare Cardholder
Medicare Cardholder
Government Concession Cardholder

Copper IUD




Progestogen IUD (Mirena)




Contraceptive Implant (ImplanonNXT)




Depo Provera





SHQ offers a range of professional services including testing and treatment of STIs, contraception information and supply, unplanned pregnancy, cervical screening, STI drop-in clinics and counselling.