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RELATE is an innovative and dynamic Respectful Relationships Education program that aims to provide teachers and students in Years 7 to 10 with a comprehensive, evidence-based, good practice curriculum that promotes respectful relationships and sexual health using a whole school approach.

This updated version of the RELATE Respectful Relationships Education program is now presented in three stages, with Stage 1 suggested for Years 7/8, Stage 2 for Years 8/9 and Stage 3 for Years 9/10.


  • linked to the WA Health Curriculum 2016
  • linked to AITSL Standards
  • based on the latest respectful relationships research
  • based on the Relationships and Sexual Health Education (RSE): 12 Principles of Best Practice
  • based on the Health Promoting Schools Framework

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About the program

RELATE is an 8-week series of sequential session plans for years 7 to 10. Best practice RSE states that the classroom teacher is the best placed person to teach relationships and sexuality education with support from experts – RELATE is that support!

RELATE is a WA resource that has been written, piloted and tested by WA teachers and approximately 1000 students over a 3-year period.

RELATE is based on 3 themes:

  • Exploring gender and identity
  • Developing respectful relationships – both online and offline
  • Communicating effectively – both online and offline.

Each of the 8 sessions builds on the knowledge and skills explored in previous sessions.

Stage 1 begins by looking at a variety of kinds of relationships before building up to romantic and sexual relationships in Stage 3. Although the stages can be delivered in isolation, they are best taught sequentially.

All levels of RELATE use technology to explore current knowledge, attitudes, behaviours, and challenges of respectful relationships in the age of social media – respectful online interactions, safety and sexting.

Other issues covered in a developmentally appropriate way include digital media, health literacy, peer influence, gender stereotypes, assertiveness, social media, decision making, consent and sexual assault. RELATE uses innovative teaching and learning strategies that encourage the classroom teacher to present a relevant and ongoing RSE program based on best practice.

RELATE is designed to support classroom teachers to feel confident in delivering interactive and relevant health education in the context of respectful relationships education.

The resources aim to promote healthy safer lifestyles in young people by increasing:

  • awareness of, and respect for, diversity
  • understanding of the impact of gender expectations and social norms on relationships and sexual health
  • understanding of, and skills for, ethical behaviour in the context of relationships
  • skills to establish and maintain positive, equitable and respectful relationships
  • capacity to identify and address disrespectful behaviour
  • knowledge of, and ability to access, a range of support people and services.


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