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This information is designed to be used in consultation with your health professional. Read our Legal Disclaimer here.


Need a hand? we’re here to help!

We provide a safe space to explore conversations around sexual health and relationships.

SHQ offers confidential and affordable counselling for individuals, couples and families.

Experienced counsellors can talk through the following issues in a safe and non-judgemental way:

  • Sex and respectful relationships
  • Pregnancy options and post termination
  • Safer sex, STIs and BBVs
  • Past sexual assault / abuse
  • Sexual difficulties and intimacy
  • Diverse sexuality and gender

We offer appointments Monday to Friday (no referral necessary).
Phone counselling is also available.

Counselling is FREE for clients experiencing an unintended pregnancy or seeking post-termination counselling. Counselling is also free for clients under 25 years. All other fees are based on a sliding scale. A Health Care Card rate is also offered.

Information last updated April 2019

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