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Unplanned pregnancy and post termination

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Counselling sessions for unplanned pregnancy and post termination issues are subsidised by the Department of Health WA, meaning they are FREE OF CHARGE.

Discovering that you or your partner are pregnant can be a very confusing and distressing time.  If you are considering a termination of pregnancy, there is a limited time in which to make this decision.  We make unplanned pregnancy counselling sessions a priority.  You may be able to get an appointment on the day you contact us, but if not, an appointment will be made for you within 48 hours.

Your counsellor will help you to explore all of the options available to you, and to explore the factors that are influencing your decision.  Counselling is non-judgemental and non-directive.  The goal of the counselling is to support you to make a decision which best suits your individual situation.

If you decide to have an abortion you will need to obtain a referral from a doctor who will discuss the risks of continuing pregnancy and risks of an abortion. This can be done with a doctor at SHQ or with your GP. View clinic opening hours.

Please note SHQ does not provide abortions.

More information on the options available to you in our Resource Centre.



SHQ offers a range of professional services including testing and treatment of STIs, contraception information and supply, unplanned pregnancy, cervical screening, STI drop-in clinics and counselling.