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Why celebrating PRIDE is important

By : on : November 22, 2018 comments : (0)

November is Pride month in Western Australia, and we are talking about the importance of celebrating Pride!

Australia has made leaps and bounds in its journey towards equality for LGBTI+ people. We have achieved marriage equality in the last year, there are more LGBTI+ characters in pop culture than ever before, and we have powerful people speaking out in support for LGBTI+ rights. However, some people may ask, “They have all the same rights as everyone else – so why do they need these marches and special days?”.

While there is much support in Australia for LGBTI+ people; homophobia and transphobia is still widely evident in across our society, including in the political and sports realms. On social media, LGBTI+ related posts often attract anger and hurtful comments.

Recognising special LGBTI+ days, such as Pride, is important because it is about taking a visible stand against the hate and discrimination we see. Pride is about filling our physical, emotional and virtual space with love, inclusion and acceptance. It is about celebrating the contributions to society that past and present LGBTI+ people made. Pride marches are an opportunity for the entire LGBTI+ community and our supporters to show that we care about LGBTI+ people.

If you can, get involved with Pride celebrations this month. Check out Pride WA’s guide for the list of events happening this November. If you missed out on the opportunity to celebrate Pride this month, then get ready for next year – no excuses!


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