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Clitoris awareness week!

C- Cliterate – It’s time to understand the clitoris
This week is all about raising awareness about the clitoris! There are so many fun and wonderous things about this part of our body that are often not known or understood. This week is dedicated to celebrating the clitoris in all its glory!
Person posing as the letter C

L – Love the clitoris!
Step one to raising awareness about the clitoris – is loving it! Whether it’s your clit or someone else’s – embrace it and love it! How can we do this? You could get to know your own clitoris, using a mirror or your fingers, to find where your clitoris is, see what it looks like and discover how it feels. You could find new ways to pleasure the clitoris, like trying different techniques when masturbating alone or with partners. Knowing how to pleasure yourself and what feels good for you can help you share this with your partner/s.
Person posing as the letter L

I – Internal
Did you know that most of the clitoris isn’t visible from the outside? Over ¾ of the clitoris is found inside the body, so there is more to this wonderful organ than what meets the eye. Just like we can’t see what’s inside of this boat shed, the part of the clitoris we can see is literally the tip of the iceberg!
Person posing as the letter I

T – Thousands of Nerves
The clitoris has around 8000-9000 nerve endings – more than all the leaves on these trees – which makes it a very sensitive structure that can feel A LOT of pleasure.
Person posing as the letter T

O – Only for pleasure!
The clitoris is the only organ in our bodies that’s only purpose is for pleasure! The clitoris sends impulses back to the brain to show us that we are feeling pleasure. Just like these rainbow containers that have been put here just for our viewing pleasure!
Person posing as the letter O

R – Rigidity = Erection
When the clitoris is stimulated through touch or thought, it can fill with blood and become erect. This means the clitoris can become hard and rigid, similar to these hard and rigid rocks. The clitoris often increases in size and can move a bit when we become turned on so it’s not quite as rigid as the rocks pictured here!

Person posing as the letter R

I – Intercourse & Orgasms
Although previously it has been thought that there was a difference between an ‘internal’ (vaginal) and ‘external’ (clitoral) orgasm, it is now understood that all orgasms are clitoral orgasms. The internal bulbs of the clitoris surround the vaginal passage inside the body, so when penetration occurs, it is likely that this stimulates the internal structures of the clitoris, and therefore an orgasm that is experienced from penetration is still due to clitoral stimulation.
Person posing as the letter I

S – Size doesn’t matter
Just like staircases, clitoris’, and vulvas, come in many different shapes sizes. No two clitoris’ will be exactly the same, or sit exactly the same way in our bodies. But size doesn’t matter – clitoris’ are still jam-packed full of nerve endings so just because one might be bigger than another, it doesn’t have anything to do with sensitivity or our ability to experience pleasure! Look out for our future post that shows vulva diversity!
Person posing as the letter S