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Testimonials & feedback from 2022

What have you learnt?

  • Public & Private, Cyber Safety, Consent etc.
  • Lots of things
  • Everything
  • To control crushes more, accept straight people don’t want to date me and stop making my friends uncomfortable.

Any other feedback:

  • All counsellors have been wonderful & Danusia who we have had for the past few years has been truly amazing!
  • I always feel good after seeing Francis. All text messages.
  • Francis is helping me and love having Francis coming for our chats and a cuppa coffee.
  • Everything is all good I have been talking to the person.

Comments received on service:

  • I like coming to PIP because I’m not judged and it’s all confidential. I can trust my counsellor.

How can we improve:

  • Maybe some group therapy here for disabled girls during the day for a couple of hours.


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