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Contraceptive implant information for GPs

General Practitioners can refer patients to SHQ for contraceptive implant insertions, or for general contraceptive discussions.

If you feel comfortable discussing the benefits and potential side effects of implants, and complete the Consent Form with the patient, we can book them in for their contraceptive implant insertion.

Please ensure that you:

  • Provide your patient with a prescription, and ask them to fill the prescription prior to their appointment with us.
  • FAX the form to SHQ on 08 9228 9010 and ask the patient to ring (08) 9227 6178 to make an appointment for insertion of device only. It is best in these situations if the patient brings their device with them.

If your patient is uncertain as to whether they want to have the contraceptive implant inserted, please ask them to call us and make an appointment for a contraceptive discussion.

If you are not comfortable discussing the benefits and potential side effects, or identifying contraindications for implant insertions, SHQ can facilitate same-day contraceptive implant insertions in suitable patients. Please ask your patient to call and ask for a same day insertion appointment. They will not need a prescription for these appointments.

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