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STIs in WA Primary Care – Online Module

December 1 @ 12:00 am - 11:30 pm


Course Summary:

This course replaces the WA STI Education Project previously offered through Edith Cowan University, which was funded through the Department of Health Western Australia. These organisations have kindly consented to SHQ using the materials used in that course as the basis for this new one.

The course is intended to provide primary health care professionals with comprehensive education about discussing STIs with patients, and testing for and managing STIs. It includes public health responsibilities and legal issues, and recommends useful online resources for ongoing use.

The module consists of three units. All participants will complete Units 1 and 2. The third unit is a special unit for Western Australian Nurses and Aboriginal Health Practitioners to provide treatment for sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia and gonorrhoea) to adults and mature minors aged 14 years or older in accordance with the operational policies of the Department of Health Western Australia. Other participants have the option to undertake this unit for their own interest.

Participants will have one month from the date of enrolment in which to complete units. (Nurses who enrol in the full Nurses’ Certificate course will, however, have a longer time to complete this module). A certificate of completion will be provided for each unit. Doctors need to complete Units 1 and 2, including passing the assessments, to be eligible for CPD points.

Unit 1:
Discusses the epidemiology of STIs in WA, history taking and screening for STIs in primary care, clinical presentations of STIs, testing for STIs in primary care, principles of management, contact tracing and notification of STIs. Participants are introduced to relevant resources for health professionals and for patients.
Time required: approximately 2 hours

Unit 2:
Discusses specific STIs in detail. This includes common infections like Chlamydia, and less common ones such as lymphogranuloma venereum. It includes common vaginal infections, and genital skin infestations. Particular clinical syndromes are discussed, such as dysuria or genital ulcers, and asymptomatic presentations.
Time required: approximately 4.5 hours

Unit 3:
This unit is specifically designed for nurses and Aboriginal Health Practitioners working in rural areas, to assist in meeting the requirements for Structured Administration and Supply Arrangements (SASA). It summarises some of the STI-specific information from Units 1 and 2, and provides extra guidance for managing STIs in a rural setting, including transport of specimens, location-specific differences in management guidelines, and health promotion.
Time required: approximately 2.5 hours

Cost: $150

For further information: please contact the Clinical Education Coordinator

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For further information: please contact the Clinical Education Coordinator


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December 1
12:00 am - 11:30 pm


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