Teaching Modules - Sexual Health Quarters
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* Assertive Communication * Public and Private * Protective Education Cyber Safety
Developing assertive communication skills; including expressing feelings, and protective behaviour strategies such as saying no. Exploring public and private concepts by identifying personal space, private body parts, places, and appropriate public and private behaviour and activities. Exploring appropriate relationship boundaries and developing strategies for personal safety. Exploring risks and developing skills to increase safety when using the internet, including social media, websites and dating apps/websites.
Feelings Self Esteem Building Resilience Choices and Consequences
Exploring feelings; expressing, and recognising feelings of self and others. Building confidence and strategies to maintain high self esteem. Exploring the components needed to build resilience and promote self confidence, and high self esteem. Exploring choices and consequences and developing decision making skills.
Masturbation Menstruation Puberty and Hygiene Hygiene
Providing appropriate information about masturbation. Developing skills for managing menstruation. Exploring the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty, and good hygiene practice. Develop good hygiene practices; bathing, grooming, clothing and environment.
Sex and Sexuality Women and Men’s Health Social stories: Puberty & Hygiene Social stories: Menstruation
Developing an understanding of sex, sex and the law, consent, contraception, safer sex practices , STI’s and sexual diversity. Exploring common sexual health concerns and gaining knowledge of screening, testing and examinations. This module explores social stories and resources to use with people who are neurodiverse, or prefer visual learning tools. This module explores social stories and resources to use with people who are neurodiverse, or prefer visual learning tools.
Basics: Protective Education Basics: Puberty Basics: Sex Education
Provides lesson plans and resources for the 6 most essential topics to deliver a protective education program. Provides lesson plans and resources to deliver a program with the essential foundation knowledge of puberty and hygiene. Provides lesson plans and resources to deliver the most essential topics needed to gain a basic understanding of relationships, safe sex, sex and the law, and consent.

Modules marked with * are core topics. We recommend they be purchased together to ensure a comprehensive programme is provided.

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