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Feelings Self-Esteem Building Resilience Public & Private
Explore and recognise feelings and emotions of self and others. Explore what self-esteem is and strategies to build and manage self-esteem. Explore components needed to build resilience, develop strategies to manage challenges and promote confidence. Explore public and private concepts: body parts, places, activities.
Assertive Communication Protective Education Healthy Relationships
Develop communication skills that promote confidence, and express feelings and rights in a direct and respectful way. Explore boundaries, ok and not touch, consent, and other components of personal safety to develop strategies to resist, interrupt and report abuse. Explore the different types of relationships, how to develop and maintain respectful, healthy relationships. Recognise when relationships are unhealthy.
Sex Education Sexual Diversity Sexual Health
Learn about consent, sexual activity, STI's and contraception. Learn about inclusion, and diversity in sex, gender and attraction. Learn about sexual health screening, testing and self examination.
Puberty Menstruation Masturbation
Explore physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty. Learn about periods; what to expect, what to do and how to manage periods. Provide information to promote safe and appropriate masturbation practices.

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