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National Condom Day 2021

National Condom Day 2021

Feb 14th is National Condom Day.

A day that began with an American AIDS support group in the late 1980s, as a way of promoting condom use and safer sex practices, National Condom Day has now become an annual highlight on the Australian sexual health calendar.

Western Australia’s National Condom Day campaign is coordinated by SHQ (Sexual Health Quarters) and takes place every year on Feb 14th. A state-wide celebration of sexual health and wellness, National Condom Day is the perfect chance to raise awareness of healthy relationships, and safe, consensual sex.

To help you plan and promote National Condom Day at your school or organisation, we’ve put together some downloadable posters, activity and event ideas, and a social media toolkit. You can even order free condoms, stickers, and posters to distribute among your community*.

Building on the success of last year’s campaign, SHQ’s National Condom Day 2021 aims to raise awareness of four key elements crucial for creating positive, safe, and delicious sexual experiences:

  • Condom use –  Make sure you’re always sweet for condoms and dental dams. They’re the most effective way of helping prevent Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs). Condoms can also help prevent pregnancy.
  • Consent – Consent comes first – even when you’re on a roll. Communicate with your partner/s and check in regularly.
  • Pleasure – Everyone deserves that fuzzy feeling. Make pleasure a priority for you and your partner/s.
  • STI testing – Regular STI testing goes hand in hand with being sexually active. Speak to your GP or sexual health clinic for a simple health check.

For more inspiration and to stay up to date with all things National Condom Day, follow SHQ on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and check out our blog.

You can also find more sexual health resources and useful information on the WA Sexual Health Week website,

* WA-based organisations only.

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When sharing SHQ’s National Condom Day 2021 content on social media, please credit us by tagging us in your posts as @familyplanningwa on Facebook, @sexualhealthquarters on Instagram, and @SHealthQuarters on Twitter.

Interested in using/adapting our National Condom Day resources for your own organisation? Please contact us to discuss.