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National Condom Day 2024

Feb 14th is National Condom Day!

It’s getting to that time of year again! National Condom Day is almost upon us, landing on February 14th, Wednesday 2024. Sharing the date with Valentines Day, National Condom Day is an opportunity to celebrate safer sex and relationships. At SHQ we believe everyone has the right to learn about sexual health so that we can have healthy relationships, and safe, consensual, and pleasurable sex. 

We’ve decided to go back to the basics for our 2024 campaign, but with a little spin on it! People sometimes don’t know how to bring up the topic of condoms with a partner, and it might be difficult to find the right way to just ask – do you have a condom?  

Taking part in our National Condom Day campaign provides community with an opportunity to learn about condoms and safer sex, and to discuss and ask questions. Displaying posters, handing out condoms and stickers is a great way to open these discussions. 

Our free resources (yes, free!) for 2024 include different translations of the phrase ‘do you have a condom?’. Our resource packs are now out of stock, but if you would like to download our poster or social media graphic, you can do so below. 

Is there a translation on our poster that you’d like to add? Let us know using the form below and we will add it to the page! 

Shona – Une Condom here? 

Ndebele – Ule Condom hini? 

Thai – คุณมีถุงยางอนามัยไหม? 

German – Hast du ein Kondom 

Filipino – May Condom ka na ba? 

Spanish – Tienes un condón? 

Kirundi – Woba ufise agakingirizo 

Kinyarwanda – Ufite agakingirizo 

Japanese – コンドームはありますか? 

Welsh – Oes gen ti gondom? 

Tamil – உன்னிடம் ஆணுறை இருக்கிறதா? 

Hebrew – ?יש לך קונדום 

Dutch – Heb jij een condoom? 

Farsi – كوندوم دارى؟ 

Hindi – आपके पास एक कंडोम होगा? 

French – Avez-vous un préservatif ? (Submitted by Florence)

Yoruba – Njẹ O ni rọba idaabobo? (Submitted by Sfani)

Irish – an bhfuil coiscín agat? (Submitted anonymously)

Estonian – Kas sul on kondoom? (Submitted by Estonian Sexual Health Association)

Would you like to take part in National Condom Day?

The following resources are available to download!


Click image for full size


Social media tile

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If you work with young people and would like to run an educational activity about condom use, you can download a condom card game here:

Condom Card Game

This activity can be used to help educate young people on the correct steps of using a condom – all they need to do is arrange the cards in the correct order!

SHQ also has educational resources available in our online shop!

Looking for more resources and info?

Get the Facts

Talk Soon Talk Often

On Thursday evenings, we also run a youth clinic! Click here to book an appointment

So, mark February 14th in your diaries, make sure you’re following SHQ on Facebook and Instagram, and let us know you’re going to be celebrating this year’s National Condom Day!

The SHQ team will also be talking all things sexual health and condoms on our Facebook and Instagram so join us if you’d like to learn more!



When sharing SHQ’s National Condom Day 2024 content on social media, please credit us by tagging us in your posts as @SHQNorthbridge on Facebook and @sexualhealthquarters on Instagram.

Interested in using/adapting our National Condom Day resources for your own organisation? Please contact us to discuss.